Karoo Retreat

It feels like forever since I’ve sat down to write a travel post, and we have actually been to some rather lovely places in the last couple of months. One of them being the middle of the Karoo to a little place called Slanghoek Mountain Retreat. No electricity, no mobile phone connection, just fresh air, amazing sunsets, star gazing and mountain biking… and a lot of creativity to keep a 3 year old entertained without electronics, and interested in springboks and lizards.


Only 45 Minutes along gravel roads from Touwsrivier (which is only about 2 hrs from Cape Town on the N1) takes you straight up into the mountains, through a few farm gates, and into complete seclusion. We didn’t see another car, hear or see another family. Our cottage had 2 double bedrooms, each with en-suite bathrooms, with inside and outside showers and toilets (a very interesting experience), and 2 single beds in the living areas, perfect for my teenage brothers.  The (unfiltered) plunge pool did house a little froggy, but was perfect to dip your feet into when temperatures soured.

This is a very cool Place.. can’t wait to go back! The ultimate relaxing holiday under the clear African Sky!


A Few (strange) Signs from Germany

I’m sure not everyone will appreciate my sense of humor, or what might seem like the lack of appreciation for my husbands mother tongue, but I’m trying to learn the language and found these signs a little strange…..

Istanbul: a tick off the bucketlist

WOW!! So if you follow my blog, and have read my bucketlist of destinations, you will know that I have been wanting to visit Istanbul in Turkey for some time now. I have been so fascinated with the old town, and have dreamt of the day when I could sip apple tea, negotiate a price on a carpet, and eat Turkish food until I roll. We’ll when planning a visit to the husband’s family in Germany, we decided that a few days en route would be the treat that we deserved!

Here are a few of my favourite shots from Istanbul, and I hope it inspires you to visit.. it’s such a vibrant and exciting destination, seeped in historical architecture and colourful textiles and pottery. It was hard to only pack in Turkish delight as presents for the family back home… but I needed the space for all MY goodies:

A side order of rant.

Ok, before I go off… And I really need to get this off my chest, feel free to move off this post if any judgement is going to be flung, cause I don’t think I can handle much of that today.

I was woken up at 4am by burglars taking, what now seems like my whole life: every I stitch of identification that I had attached to my name, my laptop with all my work and emails, our wallets with all our cards and money, and a massive chunk of my self-security, and trust in my “cave”. This has been a really trying day in terms of admin, and a few more visits with the police and banks than I would have liked. Not to mention the fear, anxiety and emotions…

It took a while to sink in too, as to how much worse it could have been, considering we were at home, and I feel sick just thinking about that, knowing that I’m responsible for a little person in the next room too.

So after a rather trying day, I was challenged a little in my patience and sympathy that fell a little short, when I’m usually quite accommodating to other people’s kak and excuses. I had committed to a meeting today, and rocked up despite my emotions and ordeals, only to hear about this other persons ‘problems’.

I get, more than anyone, how you can have a crappy day, but because of familiarity and frankly this is someone who actually is special to me, just thought that my day was ok, and it was cool to lay it out on me. Someone who clearly hadn’t read my twitter updates all day, or didn’t really care to ask, made me the scapegoat for their frustrations.

And it hurt.

I was highly emotional, didn’t need to be there either, and could have just done with some “calming” and “compassion”, instead of the crap, I’m usually happy to take and write off to their frequent crappy days, with inconvenient situations. But today I needed it, not so much to be ‘about me’, but just not for it to be ‘about them’.

I think we all find solace in our friends or people we surround ourselves with everyday… A place we can escape sometimes from reality, and just smile and get on with life.. my solace was challenged today.. And I really needed it 😦